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LeapStart Newsletter for September

About LeapStart

LeapStart, India’s premier PE (“Physical Education”) program, is a holistic, age appropriate and progressive educational service offering wherein we provides end to end physical education services to school, which includes internationally researched curriculum,sports equipment, skilled & certified trainers, consistent in-school delivery and comprehensive CCEE complaint assessments.

The LeapStart curriculum has been created in partnership with SPARK, a US based global PE provider, which comes with over 20 years of research. The LeapStart trainers are highly skilled and undergo arigorous two month intensive training program following which they are SPARK certified and will be deployed at your school.

LeapStart has a library of over 4,000 sports activities. LeapStart is the first organization to offer sports such as Broomball, Nitro Ball, Archery and Golf to school children in India. Every activity comes with a unique set of high-quality equipment, which ensures that there is no point during a LeapStart session where a child is inactive.

Being age appropriate, LeapStart is divided into five programs. Each of these programs is custom made for our students but more importantly, they encourage the student to fully embrace sport and fitness right from the word go!


To capture the levels of learning two types of assessments are available to schools through the LeapStart program:

Rubrics-based Assessments (Early Childhood to Grade 6)

The Rubrics-based Assessments are used to document and guide the learning process. Rubrics-based assessment systems are easy to understand, simple to use and effective for PE teachers and class teachers, as well as for the parent.

Performance-based Assessments (Grades 7 to 12)

The Fitnessgram is a series of special metrics-based tests designed to measure the fitness levels of children using a percentile based scoring system to identify areas of improvement. The tests cover multiple areas of fitness for each age group.

Some of the tests conducted include:

• Body Mass Index


• Upper body strength

• Flexibility

• Trunk Lift

These are fitness assessments conducted twice a year, typically at the start and end of every academic year to quantify and measure improvements in fitness levels.

To know more about LeapStart please visit: About LeapStart

To access your child’s report please visit: LeapStart Report