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About us

God did indeed provide the wind to all of us but one man had it in him to raise the sails. The man, Mr. S.R.N Mudiraj with over four decades of experience in education, turned his track record into making tracks in a field that moulds the mind, and makes a man the master of his destiny.

A 21st century tribute to an 18th century moralist-cum-scholar, The Founder, true to his commitment, couldn't have called his brainchild by any other name. Johnson Grammar School is a tribute to Samuel Johnson, a man who was humble enough to admit that he talked for pleasure and wrote for bread, a man whose style marked a high point in English prose, a man who wrote with a sense of the moral and intellectual responsibilities of authorship and a man whose spirit stays alive as one of the best critics in the English language.

"To see all children from Johnson able to adjust, with respect, in a fast changing global environment, with the ability to lead in the field of their choice with integrity and courage".

Our Policy

Quality Policy

To achieve and sustain exemplary standards, national as well as global, both in formal education and student discipline by providing quality education for all round development. We are committed to build and maintain a culture for continual improvement in all functions of the institution and monitor the success.

Methods of Quality Teaching

"To learn is to go beyond mere accumulation of knowledge. To learn is to keep on exploring beyond existing knowledge".

A quality school teaches quality learning tools and implements micro-social learning systems to challenge and inspire children's intrinsic motivation to learn their courses.

A quality school has well equipped laboratories and activity material to enable the student to learn by directly interacting with reality, rather than cram second - hand or third - hand knowledge.

Vision & Mission

"To develop the potential of every child and nurture him or her with CARE". We, the staff of JGS, ICSE in partnership with students, parents and community, are committed to develop the potential of every child and nurture him or her with "CARE". Our mission is to challenge all students to reach their potential and to develop responsible citizens in a caring and supportive environment.