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Admissions are granted irrespective of caste, creed or community. Our institution is a ‘Day School’ with co-education.

An enquiry form should be filled in before fulfilling the admission requirements (either in person or online form available on our website). The options will be open on the website only when the issue is in process.

To seek admission the following requirements should be fulfilled:

Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation, endorsed by the Municipal Commissioner.

Students living in and around a radius of 2.5 kms will be given priority.

Siblings of the existing students.

Children of ex-students.

The child must complete 3 years by 31st May of the year seeking admission into L.KG.

For classes U.KG and above enquiry slips will be issued depending on the availability of vacancies.

The enquiry slips collected for U.KG and above classes will be selected for admission through lottery system.

Submitting the Enquiry Slip does not guarantee admission.

Note:Our students and parents are important and valuable to us. We respect your word as such we ardently request you not to bring any external pressure to seek admissions. This will prove to be a futile effort.