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When God first created the world, there was no desert. The wholeworld was filled with fertile land and full of beautiful gardens. God created man in order to maintain the world. He said to man, “Every time you commit a sin, there will be a peck of sand falling on the ground”. Man thought, “What harm will a peck of sand do? Let me live as I please. “He started committing wicked sins and pecks of sand started falling on the ground. Still man continued sinning. And the effect is that to-day there are many deserts around us.

Moral: As you sow, so you reap.


How I spent my vacation

My holidays this year were just amazing. I spent my holidays in Mathura, which happens to be my parents’ home town. The place is not very popular but for the worshippers of Lord Krishna. Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna and close by is Gokul where Lord Krishna grew up.

My grandfather took me to the exact place where Krishna was born. The jail is now modified and is surrounded by many beautiful temples. We went to Gokul where we visited a temple named Ramenrati. It is an eco friendly temple. Right from the way the ‘Prasad’ is made and served, the parking area and the lockers provided for our footwear is very well organized and impressive. On our return we visited Gokul Bairaj which is famously known as the river Yamuna. I was literally amazed at the beauty of the river. I also did a lot of shopping and found many unusual gifts.

The temples and the surrounding beauty of Mathura are probably unforgettable and I will definitely visit the place again.

Srishti Gautam, 7E

My First Day at School

When I first came to school I was scared of what was going to happen. As I entered the class I was wondering if people would tease me, but when I entered the class the students were willing to help me complete my work. They were asking question my politely and allowed me to share my ideas. The teachers helped me by giving photo copies to complete my work. It was nice to have such friends around me.