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For over three decades, we have sustained the momentum of keeping ourselves in the top bracket of "Quality Teaching" and we promise you that we will continue to strive further to better the best performance of Johnson Grammar School, ICSE in the years to come.

So, we are not the best because we are three decades old, rather we are three decades old because we are the best. What Really Matters....

We have an enduring commitment to our values and we stick to them even when it costs us money. We are aware that it is difficult to achieve a certain kind of distinction without true commitment to our values and it is more difficult to sustain that distinction year after year. You must have heard about us from someone, and you value the opinion of that "someone" of yours and by which you have formed an opinion about us by now. Most of the parents of our students expect "real value and quality teaching" from us. So our focus is really on delivering the value and quality. That is what matters for us and what really matters for YOU!

Innovation and Creativity "Value" and "Quality" are two words which require continuous process to update. It requires two major ingredients - "Innovation and Creativity" without which we cannot speak about value or quality for years, because, in this ever changing world - the structure, strategy, people, management style, systems and procedures change periodically or at certain intervals. But a few things like guiding concepts and shared values remain constant.