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Aim and Vision

Our Vision

To see each child from Johnson able to adjust, with respect, in a fast changing global environment, with the ability to lead in the field of their choice with integrity and courage.


To develop the potential of every child and nurture him or her with care.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people cannot be taught but can only learn. We facilitate learning which is nothing but realization which best happens through self - inquiry, exploration and experiencing.

Classes Offered


English is the First Language. The other languages taught are Telugu and Hindi as Second Languages.

Academic Year:

April to March with five-day week (for classes L.KG. to IV) and six-day week (for classes V to X), Saturdays being half-a-days.

Instructional Tools and Techniques

Some of the modern techniques in language are employed in order to create interest in learning. The school has a linguaphone to improve the spoken language of the pupils. Great emphasis is attached to correct standard pronunciation, intonation, modulation and articulation.