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How Pearson Makes Children Enthusiastic About Learning

  • By admin
  • Feb 01, 2021

Teaching is an immensely responsible profession, where you act as a heave for your students and guide them on the path of learning. And we at Pearson School believe in providing the same. Our vision is: "To Impart knowledge in a way that helps in developing young citizens of today, to effectively and productively lead the world tomorrow, and usher the students towards leading a responsible, respectful, spiritual and contentful life." We provide an intrinsic learning environment where children can learn about their strengths and weaknesses; and harness them in a way that will enable them in putting forward their best, and foster a holistic development.

Celebrations are a brilliant and joyful way of teaching kids what you believe in. And when nature and outdoor play is incorporated into celebrations, we give birth to a connection, a bond with mother nature. The importance of this is what our chairman, Mr. Peddi Seetharam Reddy believes in. Therefore, the school celebrates events such as green day, kite flying competitions, book campaigns, doctor’s day, etc. in abundance. The school plans various such activities, which our teachers employ on a daily basis. Students are always encouraged to let their inner self liberate via these activity sessions.

The best CBSE school in Hyderabad focuses on embracing the student’s innate inquisitive nature to develop their basic skills through first-hand experiences. Students are encouraged to question, explore, apply, and test what they know, whilst treating each other with respect and developing the manners of social decorum.

Our core curriculum equips the students with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world. We abide by the framework set by the traditional Indian education system. However, we ensure there is genuine engagement with subjects taught by employing simple teaching techniques. We incorporate innovative lesson plans based on well-researched material, regular assessments, remedial tutorials when necessary and finally, formal certification. Our 21st Century Skills Programme emphasises on the goal of finding suitable employment and acquiring the skills necessary to help students succeed within their chosen field of occupation. It comprises of:

  • English Language & Communication Skills
  • Robotics
  • Career Guidance/Awareness

Our supplementary curriculum consists of programmes that provide additional support and increase the student’s learning potential. We inculcate an innovative mindset while ensuring clarity of concepts through Digiclass. We incorporate a variety of programmes such as:

  • Sports & Physical Development by EduSports
  • Science Experiments & Application by Yardstick
  • Core Concept Clarity through ICT
  • Grammar Programme
  • Math Practice
  • Assessment Diagnostics by Mypedia Insight
  • Learning Improvement Programme

It is a basic child psychology that if the students discover the purpose of learning, he/she will definitely get motivated to learn well in class. And this is what the teachers at Pearson, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad abides by. Our teachers and the whole school’s staff, put in their hard efforts in order to make sure that each student goes home with a new lesson, a better understanding, and a sound knowledge. At our school, we don’t believe in making the child mug-up answers and pour it out on the exam day. Instead, we truly want and strive for igniting that curiosity bulb in each of their little minds, and prepare them for the roughest days.

Learning that comes out of this curiosity stays for life, and Pearson School wishes to help your child carry memories and a personality that will help them lead their lives with dignity and intellect.