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  • By admin
  • Nov 03, 2018

The festive season is a time for uninterrupted celebrations and enjoyment. People all over the country bring everything to the table – both figuratively and literally! While this is mainly a positive time, keep in mind that you should always be wary of your child’s eating habits and health during this period. It’s one thing to enjoy the festive delicacies, it’s another to pig out on anything and everything without a second thought.

Thus, a certain level of restraint should always be exercised during this festive season to ensure that your child doesn’t go overboard. Of course, it’s easier said than done to stay healthy during this time, which is why it’s essential to help your child follow specific guidelines during this celebratory period.

Teach your child to say “no”

A major aspect of educating your child about the concept of restraint is to help him realise the vice of overindulgence. They might receive a lot of food at a friendly gathering or be invited to a ton of events outside. Whenever they face any of these situations, let them know that saying no is always an option. It’s not a compulsion for them to eat everything served on their plate or go out at every event – sometimes, the best thing for their health is to say “no.”

Help in the physical development of your child

Is your child regularly performing a physical activity? In that case, encourage them to continue doing these activities even during the festive season. If your child gives the excuse that they won’t have any time during this period, then help them take out time for these activities. Chances are that your child will get the time to do these things, so let them do so accordingly. Of course, it’s possible that your kid might not even be regularly performing physical activities in the first place, in which case you need to inculcate this behaviour in your child first and foremost.

Aid your child in forming a healthy eating habit

Make sure that the eating schedule of your child isn’t compromised during the festive season. Your child might feel like eating less beforehand to pig out on special food later is a great idea, but this is a misplaced mentality that you need to rectify. Instead, provide your child with proper food at regular intervals, while simultaneously educating them about the benefits of healthy and regular eating.

The festive season is undoubtedly a time to let loose, but don’t let your child take this sentiment in a literal sense. By educating your child about the guidelines mentioned above, you’ll be able to inculcate the spirit of healthy eating in your child. This will help you enjoy the festive season while also keeping your child’s health in check.