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When will schools stop chasing learning outcomes?

  • By admin
  • Apr 20, 2021

Learning has always been an essential aspect for the growing youth who aspires to transform the world one day. With education being the integral pillar of focus, many scholars and researchers have now promised better employment opportunities for skilled GenZ in the future. With the introduction of revised laws as per the New Education Policy, new parameters of academic learning have made their way into our decades-old traditional system— changing it forever.

Ditching the old ways of cramping textual contents, the supreme emphasis is on teaching basic skills and further putting them to use. This paradigm shift from marks to absolute mastery of knowledge is essential for realizing the actual value of learning. CBSE Schools in Hyderabad  play an extremely decisive role in this circumstance, holding power to alter the perspectives towards learning outcomes of the curriculums.

Considering marks as the only key performance indicator for judging the learning outcome is an unguided path that leads us to nowhere. Nowadays, it's the skills we possess that matter. There is a dire need for schools to stop chasing the traditional learning outcomes and opt for better assessing criteria. Now, the time has arrived for the students to go beyond their studying capacities and develop and learn newer skills, which would help them shape their future.

Online education has taught us the correct meaning of learning and the prime importance that skills carry. Education has now been transformed into foundational learning rather than the old learning outcomes. CBSE Schools in Hyderabad have put mindful consideration into building firm and concrete learning methods to increase students' output in terms of academic learning.

CBSE Schools in Hyderabad remain a crucial segment of the ecosystem, and thus modification in their methods is integral. A gradual shift from the constant chase of the learning outcomes to skill acquisition is the need of the hour!