Principal's Desk

In 1979, a great visionary embarked on a path which he believed would shape the dreams of many to come and for generations to come. True to his spirit, the Founder Chairman, Shri. S.R.N. Mudiraj Sir doted the idea that in the pursuit of great dreams lay humble beginnings. What began as a vision with a mere six students has now catapulted into a mammoth strength of 6877 students.  The Vision, the Mission and the Quality Policy that the school fosters are not just statements of reckoning, they are tools of realisation and embody what the school envisions for its students and thereby society. Be sure to take a peek into these and sense their prodigious power.

The students on the path to becoming global players find their roots in the portals of JGS. They feel revved up to be decision makers, problem solvers and critical thinkers – all of whom the country and the world at large needs. The essence of the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson- ‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail,’ permeates every Johnsonite’s heart as they conquer newer dimensions.
At Johnson, it has always been students’ safety first. The school has set practices which enable it to give its students an absolutely safe space which pivots happy learning. The Green rating accorded to the school in the Pearson Global Audit speaks volumes. JGS’s penchant for safety for all is for everyone to note and emulate.

A cutting-edge advantage is given to our students by facilitating prospects to explore and widen their horizons. An ambitious set of students had an opportunity to visit NASA. What an incredible experience it turned out to be for them!
An unmissable sense of true and healthy competition is something that the school validates. There is a gamut of competitions that keeps the whirl of momentum whizzing through the Academic Year. Everyone is a winner in their own entirety.

How can one not speak of the ones who mould and nurture the future! Besides students, the school keeps its dedicated brigade up and running with exposure to  training and various workshops. There is never a dull or stagnant moment in life at school. It is this sustained impetus that propels the school to greater heights and makes it an endearing and one of the most sought after places to study. What better accolade than being certified by the Global League Institute as a ‘Great Place to Study’ can one wish for !

D. Saraswathi Rao
Habsiguda Campus


To begin with, I would like to share the great news of Johnson Grammar School  being selected yet again, this time for the prestigious Global League Institute Certificate 2018 based on the Student Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Global Educational Research and Technology Firm - Great Place to Study. The award which was received at the ‘House of Commons’ in London also happens to be the birthplace of Dr.Samuel Johnson after whom our school is named – truly a befitting tribute to this great English writer.
Here I would like to refer to a quote which in the true sense explains the reason behind this success.

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”.
Everyone was true to their commitments that led to this wonderful achievement.  Our school results proves this time and again!

Congratulations!  Our students have made us proud by achieving 100% results in the ICSE & ISC 2018 examinations with the school topper, Aribah of Class X securing a staggering 97.5%. The ISC topper in the Science stream, Annamaneni Swathi of Class XII secured a 90% while Chandi Haripriya Guduru of Class XII secured a 93% in the Commerce Stream. With every succeeding year the gallery of rank holders is being filled up with more number of students.

I must first take this opportunity to thank  our teachers for all their perseverance, the ‘Never Give-up’ attitude and relentless follow up in preparing our students to be successful. And of course, our dear students who truly deserve all the appreciation for having proved yet again that hard-work and sincere efforts always pay.

Mr. T. Anil Israel
Mallapur Campus


 "Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe it to football" said Albert Camus, a French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist and philosopher. I would always love to tweak the same and say, "Everything I learnt about education and the obligations of humanity, I owe it to the International Baccalaureate!"

Over my years with the IB I have undeniably found that the IB students showcase some of the most positive dispositional traits that range from Truth-Seeking, Open Mindedness, Inquisitiveness, Analyticity and Confidence in reasoning and Maturity of Judgment.

By encouraging mutually supporting linkages among the core components like the TOK, Extended Essay & CAS and by instituting interdisciplinary learning in subjects, Johnson IBDP graduates who are placed around the world continue to develop international networks that analyse, discuss and find answers to world issues from a variety of political, cultural and social perspectives. I am proud to say that this ongoing continuity of the IB traditions ingrained in our students is our greatest achievement.

Johnson IB is not a place but a people who believe that the world is not one di-mensional but follow a unique and timeless vision and mission towards education. The activities in different subjects consider myriad knowledge perspectives. Above all, I would like to put forward my sincere gratitude to the entire IB Team that keeps the ship afloat and has gone through a series of experiences together. I hope their efforts will set alight a whole new generation as we create a world devoid of conformity, materialism and outward power.

Mrs. Bindu CG
IBDP Principal